Potential benefits of online counseling include:

  1. Being able to send and receive messages at any time of day or night
  2. Never having to leave messages with intermediaries, voice mail, and telephone tag
  3. Being able to take as long as one wants to compose and having the opportunity to reflect upon one's messages
  4. Automatically having a record of communications (I will email you the transcript from our counseling session if you would like) to refer to later and feeling less inhibited than in person

As a licensed and qualified counselor I can assist with many of the associated difficulties encountered when trying to reach your ultimate goal of 'real life' experience and 'self-identification in your specific gender. Online I offer a thorough assessment of readiness within a time limited framework. If at the end of the assessment period you are a suitable candidate for surgery you will receive the appropriate letter of recommendation and any other supporting documents which can then be then forwarded onto your chosen SRS surgeon. The assessment although adhering as closely as possible to the standards and guidelines as laid down by the WPATH criteria. We will be flexible to individual needs. (For Fees click here)


If you feel that you could benefit from the assistance that we offer, send an e-mail to brandnewdaycounseling@gmail.com or fill out our contact form.

E-mail: brandnewdaycounseling@gmail.com


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This is where to visit if you are having problems with Depression, Anxiety, Relationship concerns, and any everyday situational issues.

And of course we continue to provide counseling sessions for

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered issues


STEP 1 : Send an email to brandnewdaycounseling@gmail.com or fill out our contact form.

STEP 2: Put in the body of the text times that you are available for the appointment *****PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR TIME ZONE / WHERE YOU LIVE

STEP 3: You will receive an email back within 48 hrs. We will set up an appointment time to chat ONLINE.

People can often express in written words what they cannot, for whatever reason, express in person. It can offer the freedom to think privately about what needs to be said and communicate back and forth at the speed of typing. At the same time, an individual may be spared any discomfort about speaking particular thoughts out loud.

We also provide counseling to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered) community for everyday situations or more severe concerns.

Unfortunately, most people take better care of their cars than their own emotional health. Every once in awhile your psyche needs a tune-up too.

Believe me, a good therapist is worth every penny. And you can find some great ones on the Internet.